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Case Studies: How Physicians Have Successfully Invested in Real Estate

This Online Webinar will cover

Diversifying Income: Examples of Physicians Transitioning to Real Estate

Leveraging Medical Expertise in Real Estate Investments

Overcoming Challenges: Lessons from Physicians' Real Estate Journeys

Collaborative Investments: Physicians Partnering with Real Estate Professionals

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Dr. Adebayo Fasanya

Dr. Adebayo Fasanya is the Founder and CEO of Dr. Breathe Easy Capital, with a mission to increase financial literacy among physicians and help others achieve financial independence through investing. Bayo has invested in over 20 start-ups, and currently sits on the advisory board of a healthcare-related start-up. He is a Pulmonary and Critical Care specialist with experience in multifamily, self-storage, oil and gas, and commercial real estate investments, managing over $143 million worth of assets.


Dr. George Ozoude

Dr. George Ozoude is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine and the Founder and CEO of Time Health Capital. George has extensive experience as a limited partner in over 20 real estate deals, 4000+ doors, and $1.3M+ of allocated capital funds with a focus on large multifamily properties, medical offices, oil and gas ventures, and agriculture. In addition, he is a co-general partner in several real estate investments and is committed to helping others achieve financial independence through real estate investing.

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